WEEK 5 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Practical

It just took me no more than one minute to create a Storify account. The process was so simple, you only need to choose user name, alternative email, password and a verifying part. That’s all. I felt a little bit surprised because it’s much more simple than most of other webpages’ sign-up procedure nowadays.

My storify account: https://storify.com/blue_hoang96

However, the act of creating my own story is completely on the other side. Due to the first-time use, I had no idea how to make it possible.

By using the browse function of Storify, I found a few of accounts that is pretty interesting. The first one is travlandleisure. On this account, a lot of stories about travelling can be found involved the tips, advices, destination reviews, photoshoots and so on. I really enjoy reading them. The second account I browsed is storify. Yes, its own account is Storify. I can find many useful stories helping user get uesd to Storify and become an true expert someday.

2. Inquiry

Among many social media networking site, Instagram is my favorite so far. I am deeply in love with photography so Instagram’s filters mesmerized me right at the first trial. My photos look so much better, so much cooler with the help of those filters and a powerful edit tool. That is the main reason I choose Instagram to reside stably in terms of sharing my preciously captured moments. With more than 300 million daily active users according to Smith, C (2016), I can easily discover a lot of other people with their stunning photos. Moreover, celebrities are using Instagram more than Facebook or Twitter to update their news, their personal lives. So one more thing that I love when use Instagram, by following my idols, it is just a piece of cake for me to catch up with them. To me, Instagram is somehow a peaceful place where I am encouraged to share photos more and more frequently.


3. Technical

As usual, the quiz was still not easy at all in the first attempt. But right after reviewing the answer, everything was clear to me and I can get highest result in the second attempt. In general, the questions are quite interesting and really useful.


Smith, C 2016, By The Numbers: 180+ Interesting Instagram Statics (June 2016), viewed 24 August 2016, http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/important-instagram-stats/


WEEK 4 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Practical

After a brief discussion, both of my friends today acknowledged with me that education is the most important thing to them.

My first friend, Duy Nguyen, said that thanks to the school, he got chance to meet so many good friends of his life. These relationships helped him a lots in terms of shaping his great personality later on.

“I don’t even know how to say thanks enough for being inspired by my own friends,” he said.

My second friend, Giang Pham, remarked that without proper education, she couldn’t be successful that much and couldn’t help other people as well.

“One of the best thing in life is learning, the more new thing you absorb, the better you get,” she said.

To put everything together, both of them indicated the significance of education explicitly and they confessed their lives would be totally different without experiencing the decent education.


After finishing this practical activity, I feel like I have learned so many things. Now I know how to create a story through an interview and the way it work with the direct quotes. Moreover, the embedded Tweet feature is also accompanied in this activity so I feel great when getting used to it. Therefore, the activity this week is really helpful to me.

2. Technical

The quiz of this week is about reporting speech, which is one of the most difficult part in grammar. I found it confusing at first because they were actually similar and it was so hard to notice the difference among the choices. However, I did it successfully in the next attempt.

WEEK 3 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Practical

By the submission time of the assignment 2 – writing for media, I have found out two possible events taken place in my current area. These are the  Vietnamese Moon Festival and Cookery Events in Bankstown.

I plan to cover the Moon Festival, which is hold once a year in the 15th of the 8th month in Lunar Calendar. According to Yang, F (2011), Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival, is the harvest festival originally celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese to give thanks for the harvest and to gather family members together. Yang, F (2011) also indicated that there is no fixed date in Western  calendar, but the day always coincides with a brightest and roundest moon.

A lot of activities will be expected to happen including gazing the moon, eating moon cakes, making traditional lanterns and so on, but the main part will probably be eating moon cakes. This event has no attendance fee and allows everyone to film and take photos with no any limitation. Therefore, it will be perfect for me to cover the event. Because my uncle is on the organized team this year, I might take credit like photos, quotes from him for my document on Twitter.

Chinese Element
Source: China Highlights

Besides, a short video called “Why you need a plan” has been given to provide more information for this week. There are three primary factors outlined by Kate explaining why it is important to plan. First of all, the time waits no-one. To make sure everything is on time, preparation is essential. The second reason is about schedules, which shows where and when the events happen. This assures everything is on the right track. And the last one is about accreditation.

My plan for the Moon Festival coverage will follow thoroughly schedules. Before the festival starts 4 days, I will go to meet the organization team and discuss with them. Then I will list the places and activities that I need to attend. On the festival days, I will try to be there every 2 days to broadcast the stories.

Due to the annual characteristic, this event will be totally exciting to everyone nearby, especially the youths.

2. Inquiry

The chosen media story is “Solar cell technology: How it works and the future of sunshine”. In the article, Lal, N (2016) described what is a solar cell, the way they work, their efficiency and the how they look like in the 20 years’ time.

The lead in the story:

One in seven homes in Australia has solar panels on their roof — more than anywhere else in the world. So what is going on in all those shiny rooftop structures?

5Ws and 1H:

People who used and intends to use solar power were involved (Who). Solar panels were invented to increase the efficiency in electric power industry (What and Why) by using energy of sunlight then changing into electric power (How). It happens on the home’s roof (Where) throughout the daylight time (When).

I have a strong passion in technology and science. Every aspect of it has been researched and read carefully by me, particularly the ones that relate to daily life. Thus, that is the reason why I found this story fascinating.

Link of the story: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-20/solar-energy-and-panels-explained/7763474?section=technology

3. Technical

The quiz of this week is a little bit difficult to me. I feel so confused in front of many similar options to choose. Anyways, through 4 times of attempt, I finish all of them correctly.


Lal, N 2016, Solar cell technology: How it works and the future of sunshine, viewed 24 August 2016, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-20/solar-energy-and-panels-explained/7763474?section=technology

Yang, F 2011, Factbox: Mid-Autumn Festival and its traditions, viewed 24 August 2016, http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/culture/2011-09/12/c_131134150.htm

Zhou, R 2016,  Mid-Autumn Festival Food — 6 Popular Dishes, image, viewed 24 August 2016, http://www.chinahighlights.com/festivals/mid-autumn-festival-food.htm


WEEK 2 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Practical

My existing Twitter account will be used for this course. I created this account not long time ago. I thought it was time to catch up with news and updates around the world so the name Twitter occurred in my mind. My account is @blue_hoang96.

I have already followed 10 journalists:

Richard Lawson (@rilaws)
Kevin Roose (@kevinroose)
Joe Weisenthal (thestalwart)
David Itzkoff, (@ditzkoff)
Linda Holmes (@nprmonkeysee)
Caity Weaver (@caityweaver)
Mark Bittman (@bittman)
Gael Greene (@gaelgreene)
Ruth Reichl (@ruthreichl)
Max Fisher (@max_fisher).

The act of following journalists can bring a lot of advantages. First of all, we can update the news and the hottest trends all around the world. Second of all, we can learn from them the way they share and spread out the news from those tweets.

2. Inquiry

hot trend

Source: http://www.trends24.in

By using the website http://www.trends24.in, I found out top Twitter trends of the day. The most attractive topics to me are Feliz Martes and Internault Day. Feliz Martes is Happy Tuesday in Spanish so a lot of joyful tweets with hashtag FelizMartes have been given. Moreover, today of 25 years ago, internet was born with the mission to change the human’s lives permanently, the way we connect, the way we interact and the way we shape and develop the world.

hot trend 2hot trend 3hot trend

Source: Twitter 2016

Once again, with the help of Twitter, any event around the world even the smallest one could become hot trend that would be spread at an amazing speed. Based on the time that Twitter provides, it is really easy to notice whether the stories are new or not. Another factor related to the normally advertising issues, in my point of view, the tweet of Warner Music Spain can be considered as a kind of promotion for recent music product of twenty one pilots, Ride.

3. Technical

The quiz of week 2 is about English grammar. To be honest, grammar has never been a comfortable part of any language. I struggled so much with the present perfect tense. Nevertheless, I got it all correct through numerous attempts by trying to remember the answer. Now I can be confident to say that I gain a lots in this area.

Week 1 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Practical

This blog has been created since last April for my previous course. I chose my real name as the user name to make it easier in the act of interacting. I feel really happy when the blog is used for academic purpose once again, by this active way, I can gain a lot of knowledge in writing on the whole.

Here is my introduction that you can also find it in the About section on my blog:

Hello everyone,

My name is Tung Duong Hoang, I am from Vietnam and currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology in Central Queensland University, Sydney campus. To improve my writing skills and the general knowlege about media, which are the aspects that I am interested in a lots,  I decided to select this course. By finishing the term, I can develop my real blog and write about the information technology field to share the insights throughout the community as well as enhance the my own efficiency, hopefully.

2. Inquiry

 The most noticable similarity of both articles is the narrative about new ambassador for Queensland racing, Billy Slater. Therefore, the purpose and the target of those two articles are the same. Right at the first sight, it is easy to indicate that one has attached pictures and the other one does not contain any photograph. The main difference in my opinion is that one article is an official media release written by Queensland government, and the other one is just a normal article appearing on daily newspaper written by Gold Coast Bullentin.

The coverage updates on social media network is limited. I found it so hard to follow up the incident. Because I am not a big fan of sport, this thing does not impact too much on me personally.

3. Technical

The quiz of week 1 was pretty easy to me. I enjoyed it so much thanks to some interesting questions about observation. Several attempts had been made so I could get it all right.


The State of Queensland 2016, Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as official ambassador, viewed 20 August 2016,  http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2016/6/2 4/racing-queensland-unveils-league-legendslater-as-official-ambassador.

Davidson, B 2016, ‘Maroons legend Billy Slater to be announced as ambassador for Qld thoroughbred racing’, Gold Coast Bulletin, viewed 20 August 2016, http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/sport/racing/maroons-legend-billy-slater-to-be-announced-as-ambassador-for-qld-thoroughbred-racing/news-story/564befcf1bdd9e78480e832255cdf171.