WEEK 10 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Practical A

My photo essay was built by Storify. It can be found here: https://storify.com/blue_hoang96/a-day

2. Practical B

Three alternative headlines:

  • Knife fight caused two people seriously injured

This headline was chosen due to its directness. The sentence is short, simple and attractive to the audience.

  • FakeComicCon’s are sharing thoughts with those who have been injured and their families

The headline presents the situation in which people got injured and also shows how FakeComicCon reacts to the incident.

  • FakeComicCon is investigating the fight incident with relevant authorities

This can be a possible headline because it illustrates the circumstance and the responsibilities of FakeComicCon for people who are involved.

3. Technical

This blog activities are quite easy to execute. I really enjoyed the practical part, both photo essay and alternative headline writing. The quiz was not so hard but I made a lot of mistakes due to the careless reading. I believed that the knowledge about apostrophe had been gained a lots.


WEEK 9 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Inquiry

The newsletter that will be reviewed is the Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter Volume 28 No.2, April 2009 – June 2009.

The stories which were mentioned in the newsletter include:

  • Recession-proof Conservation: Is This Bear Market a Crocodile Fiesta or a Firing Squad?
  • How the Hermes Birkin Bag and Crocodylus porosus are Beating the Recession
  • Student Research Assistance Scheme Update
  • T-shirts for Philippine Crocodile Conservation
  • Regional Reports

The organization’s audience is attracted by the noticeable title of the stories. By reading the title, readers can guess what the information provided inside, it makes them keep reading due to the useful facts and news. Additionally, the global activities throughout the stories is a significant factor to engage the audience, because readers are tend to care about things around the world.

If I were a science journalist, I would definitely be intrigued to the stories. As mentioned above, the stories presented the both generally useful information and academic elements, which is suitable for a science journalist. The diversity of the stories shown in many parts of the world also contributes to the interest, which is vitally necessary for a journalist. Therefore, I would totally follow up those stories if I were a science journalist.

The efficiency of this newsletter is newsworthy for CSG’s community. The community makes the newsletter become more informative and diverse in terms of content. Visually, the newsletter should be designed with more images and more colors. The frame, the borders, the background can be improved to reduce the boredom and monotony.

2. Technical

The quiz this week was easy for me because I’m pretty good at punctuation. I got 8 out 10 at the first attempt. However, I still found something new and useful, for instance, a semi-colon is a stronger stop than a comma, but is not as strong as a full-stop.

Basically this blog’s inquiry is quite difficult because the newsletter is so long. It took me a lot of time to follow up the stories and finish the review.


Webb G. Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter, 2009 April, volume 28, no. 2, retrieved from IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG), http://www.iucncsg.org/365_docs/attachments/protarea/CSG%20-6d2de2f0.pdf