WEEK 8 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Practical



2 June


An incident that occurred today after a fight broke out at an annual event called FakeComicCon at the Brisbane Convention Centre caused 12 people injured.

Eight people were taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital and two of these are in intensive care.

Queensland Police Service arrested four people on a range of charges related to weapons and assault.

According to the witnesses, the fight lasted about 20 minutes and the fight was in terrible condition because at first people thought it was a part of the event.

“Oh my god. That was just so awful. We were challenged to a playfight with the wolverines, but some of them were wearing real knives on their hands. I have no idea how they got into here with those,”  said Barbara Smith, 23, cosplayer from London.

“I was just walking through and I heard all this noise and then screaming. We thought people were just acting, so we were all laughing, but then you could see that there was blood and people started calling for help. I am first aid qualified, so I stopped and helped out a few people – it was really bad. The two people I looked after had stab wounds to their arms and hands, and one had really bad scratches on their face,” said Jack Sutherland, 21, cosplayer from Roma.

FakeComicCon’s immediate thoughts are with those who have been injured and their family. The event is expected to investigate this incident continuously with relevant authorities to make sure it is not repeated.

The event also has been run in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. In 2015, more than 30,000 people attended the Brisbane event alone.

FakeComicCon has been held in Brisbane for three years without incident, bringing out a astounding place for players.


For further information, contact Jenna Jones on 02 8952 1258.

2. Technical

The blog this week is really interesting. It is a great chance to approach a real-life situation in media writing industry. I found this pretty difficult at first but after having a look at the example provided in the study guide document, it became much easier to me.

The quiz is also a bit more complicated in terms of choosing the right words for sentence. On the whole, I have learnt a lots from the quiz.




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