WEEK 7 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Inquiry

Main points which were included in the chapter:

  • The selection of the correct format in writing broadcast copy
  • The condensedness of a story
  • How to write a correct lead
  • Ways to make articles more attractive and interesting
  • Other advices for broadcast-copy writing
  • The differences between broadcast and print-based media

As a key in the chapter, the different writing style for broadcast and print-based media was mentioned. It can be concluded that a greater development of the story is allowed with print-based media due to its characteristics. Particularly, readers can use their thoughts and imaginations to create a new insight based on words of the author. What we physically hear or see sometimes does not work in the same way with the visualization through a deep reading. On the contrary, the usage of multimedia tools is the key advantage of broadcast. The story will be accompanied with images, videos, audios and be more attractive to the audience as a result. The writing style in this case is often much more simple and direct. Both types of media have their own strengths and also play a big role in society.

2. Practical

This week, a practical of converting an interview into broadcast audio visual script needs to be presented. The conversation was taken place between my friend named Jolley and me 3 months ago when she decided to leave Sydney. Two-column format was selected. Over all, I found this practical was such an excellent exercise to get used to the media writing style. It was a little bit tough at first but I finally implemented it successfully.


3. Technical

The quiz this week is mostly about selection of the correct sentence. In the first attempt, I only got 3 out of 10. Overall, the quiz taught me to read much more carefully and consider the whole sentence.


Whitaker, R, Ramsey, J & Smith, R 2012, Media writing: print, broadcast, and public relations, 4th edn, Routledge, New York.


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