WEEK 12 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Inquiry

During the term, I have gained a lot of knowledge of media writing in general and the way to use other skills to improve my writing in particular. Throughout all of the blog activities, I know how to combine social media like Twitter, Storify in terms of transferring the message. One of the most beneficial thing to me in this course is the quiz. In every week, I learnt so many new and useful thing in English by doing the quiz, even the simplest and smallest ones. I encountered several difficulties sometimes, the most challenging one was to remain the duty week by week. Additionally, there was not a huge amount of work actually but it contained a lot of small tasks that required great effort to accomplish everything. The course definitely changed my thoughts about media writing – it is not simple. As mentioned above, by implementing blog activities and the quiz every week, I realized that there are still many things out there to study about media writing and to enhance the personal writing skills.

2. Practical

  • Based on the Blog Writing Checklist from week 1 to week 12, I believe that I have finished all of the required tasks successfully. It is probably not a excellent work but the quality presents my great effort on it. The inquiry, practical and technical parts were implemented with related topics. Besides, all of the tags, categories have been added. The blog presentation overall is satisfactory to me.
  • According to the feedback from the assignment 1, I lacked critical analysis and it was necessary for me to check the grammar more carefully. In this assignment, I have made several adjustments based on other peer reviews or comments. I’ve also tried to write with less minor error as possible.

3. Technical

The quizzes are such fastest and smartest way to learn new thing. The same thing happened here. I have absorbed a lot of insights of media writing and English on the whole. I can be confident to say that my writing skills and language knowledge have been improved considerably since the day I started this course.



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