WEEK 10 – COMM11007 Media Writing

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1. Practical A

My photo essay was built by Storify. It can be found here: https://storify.com/blue_hoang96/a-day

2. Practical B

Three alternative headlines:

  • Knife fight caused two people seriously injured

This headline was chosen due to its directness. The sentence is short, simple and attractive to the audience.

  • FakeComicCon’s are sharing thoughts with those who have been injured and their families

The headline presents the situation in which people got injured and also shows how FakeComicCon reacts to the incident.

  • FakeComicCon is investigating the fight incident with relevant authorities

This can be a possible headline because it illustrates the circumstance and the responsibilities of FakeComicCon for people who are involved.

3. Technical

This blog activities are quite easy to execute. I really enjoyed the practical part, both photo essay and alternative headline writing. The quiz was not so hard but I made a lot of mistakes due to the careless reading. I believed that the knowledge about apostrophe had been gained a lots.


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